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Coldspring, Texas | July 16, 1896
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church history

The History of St. Galilee Baptist Chruch 

In the year 1896 July 16 the successors of the African Methodist Church which had long been disorganized was deeded to St. Galilee by the trustees of the African property. John Young Blood, W. A. Ruffen and D.W. Williams along with notary J.M.Hansbro. In 1898 the St. Galilee Bapt. Church was organized under the leadership of Rev. Jimmie Reed as Pastor. Bro E.W. Payton, Bro James Douglas, Bro Henry Groce Sr., as trustees. Dec. Payton, Dec W. Washington, Sis Lillie Parker, Sis E. Reese, Sis Mary Payton, Sis Mattie Denson were the oldest members at the time. From the year of 1898 until 1946 these ministers served as pastor; Rev J. Reed, Rev, E.S. W., Rev W.L. Williams, Rev W.M.E. Hall, Rev H.L. Davis, Rev Brent, Rev F. Eduardo, Rev Spriggs, and Rev I.T. Fleming. In the year of 1946 Rev V.L. Price through the guidance of God we elected him as pastor. In 1947 he rebuilt this church alone with the trustee board Dec Ben Lampkin, Dec. J.C. Jefferson, Dec Emmitt Roberts, Dec Parker McGowen, Dec A. Alfred Roberts and members.

He served as pastor for 24 years learning his work well. With a lasting gratitude for his leadership, his tireless and unselfish labor among us; the good he did, the things he taught. He was a hero for God. Filled with the spirit of his Christ he was a friend to all. After his death we continued to look forward to carrying on. Again, on July 8, 1970 through the guidance of God we elected Rev. W.E. Mcduffie as pastor and leader. Our making and buying of pews and continuing to bill. You can look around and see the great work of our pastor trustee board Dec. Neal Hoot, Dec. E. Roberts, Dec H. Reese and Dec. Ben Lampkin. We, all as his members highly appreciate his guidance, we are blessed with such a great leader. We are sure God must be pleased with us and as I close may you pray that our membership continues to rise, and our love and homing strengthen and continue to work and fill for the Lord.

Rev. W.E. Mcduffie, Pastor

Mary L. Reese, Clerk

Lucy Randolph, Treasure





  In 1986 Pastor Michael L. Darden Sr. took over St. Galilee. He was the beloved trailblazer for Christ for 33 years preaching the uncompromising gospel until his labor was complete. Darden has 7 children and 5 of them have burst into ministry and 2 of them are now pastoring their own churches. During his time as pastor he changed the status of the church into a corporation by obtiaing a 501c3 so it could receive grants and donations. He participated in numerous outreach events in his community and did lots of remodeling to the church during his tenure. Darden is no stranger to women ministering and was one of the first in his community to embrace it, so when he had preached his last sermon it was no surprise who God had chosen. July 17, 2019 the mantle was passed down to power house Jocelyn Darden-Traylor as the new pastor of St. Galilee MBC under the direction of God. Traylor is the first African-American woman to pastor a baptist church in San Jacinto County. Not only does she want to continue her father’s legacy but she is taking it a step further. She has made recreation and outreach a priority, introducing an outreach ministry and Elisha’s House. Elisha’s House is an after-school program with a safe environment where kids can grow, glow and go to another level while also learning about Christ. This is just the beginning, we are expecting God to to do great things as he’s already shown us within the first year.


Jocelyn Darden-Traylor, Pastor

LaMondrea Hall, Administrator

“Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations. Ask your father, and he will show you; your elders, and they will tell you: when the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel.”

Deuteronomy 32:7-8